Dialogues on a Future Communication

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October 1, 7-9 p.m.

Independent curator Luciana Solano will participate to the multidisciplinary and discursive exhibition Dialogues on a Future Communication at 1014 space for ideas. Conceived by German artist, Jenny Brockmann, and curated by Niama Safia Sandy, the exhibition focus in diverse knowledge bases, histories and how seemingly unrelated knowledge may be critically interwoven. Solano will be part of a panel on the subject of violence along with architect Mario Gooden, art historian Danielle Wu, historian Alexander Manewitz and writer and curator Niama Sandy.

Formally, Brockmann’s architectural sculptures are a reflection of the Bauhaus principle that all parts of the material world can be integrated through the art and design. The sculptures debuting in Dialogues on a Future Communication are reflective of an articulation of the artist’s ongoing deep interdisciplinary studies. Brockmann’s designs seek to be capacious enough to hold space for all of the epistemological and ideological shifts she had traversed in her time working on the project and to leave space for viewers to share their knowledge. Brockmann has developed four entanglements, or procedural programs, created in partnership with invited speakers and performers from differing backgrounds and analytical processes. These entanglements will activate the sculptures to act as departure points for philosophical discourses that question human behavioral patterns and socio-political structures.

Entanglement collaborators include the Vera List Center, architect Mario Gooden, anthropologist Elizabeth Povinelli, art historian Danielle Wu, independent Curator Luciana Solano, and other partners who represent the cultural and intellectual lifeblood of the New York community.

Luciana Solano